Miss Washington Diner

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Miss Washington Diner is a diner located in downtown New Britain, CT.

About Us

 We are the miss Washington diner. We have been here since the early 1950's. Before that in the same location there was a diner built in 1928 called the terminal diner (because of the bus terminal.) There has been a diner at 10 Washington street in down town New Britain for over 85 years. The current owner is Dan Czako, he acquired The historic miss Washington diner in may of 2011, and since has been on a TV show (CT perspective) has been on the cover of a book (classic diners of Connecticut) and has been featured in a national magazine (American road) We have no plans on slowing down. We would like to bring back the feel of the classic American diner by offering basic diner fare such as breakfast, great burgers, and milkshakes. We don't believe diners should have 9 page menus with everything on it prepackaged and frozen. That is becoming an unwanted trend. We will always keep it simple, fresh, and classic.

Hours: Monday - Friday 6am - 4pm. Sunday 6:30am - 1pm. Free parking on site.

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