Miss Washington Diner

Free Wifi - Free Parking

Miss Washington Diner is a diner located in downtown New Britain, CT.

Desserts, Beverages & Sides



Coffee or Tea $1.50

Ice Tea. Sweet, unsweetened, $1.50

 Snapple & diet Snapple $1.69                     (raspberry, lemon, Peach)

Milk  $1.25
Large $2.00

Chocolate Milk $1.75
large $2.50

Juice  sm $1.50, Lg $2.25
apple, orange, cranberry, or tomato

V-8 Juice (Can) $2.00

Soda (Can) $0.99
coke, diet coke, mountain dew, Canada dry, sprite or Dr. Pepper

Fountain Soda (Free Refills)  $1.69
RC cola, Sunkist Orange, 7 Up, Root beer

Snapple & Diet Snapple $1.69                                Peach, Lemon, Raspberry

Lemonade  $1.50

Milk Shake  $3.99
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mocha

Just Desserts

Assorted Muffins  $1.45 (Jumbo add $.50)
blueberry, corn, cinnimon strudel, chocolate chip

Fresh made New York Style Danish $1.99           assorted varieties (Cheese, Cherry, Round, Stick)

Strawberry Shortcake  $1.45

Apple Pie  $2.45
al a mode $1.00

Seasonal Pie  $2.45
al a mode $1.00
Oreo Moose Cake  $3.45

Cheesecake  $3.45

Ice Cream  $2.75
vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Topped with fudge, whipped cream and a cherry

Side Dishes

French Fries  $2.25

Special Home Fries  $4.50
topped with onions, peppers, tomatoes, ham and spices
Home Fries  $2.00

Hash Browns  $2.50

Oatmeal cup $1.99                                                                 bowl $2.99

Home Made Onion Rings  $2.50

Grits  cup  $1.99
bowl 2.99

3 Bacon or Sausage  $2.50

Ham Steak  $2.75

Kielbasa  $2.85

Corned Beef Hash  $3.50

Soup $1.65
bowl $2.25 (cream based soups and chowder $1 more)

Chili  $2.25
bowl $3.50

Cheese  $0.75
American, Swiss, mozzarella or cheddar

New York Bagel  $1.99
add cream cheese $0.75


Toast  $1.25
white, wheat or rye

Slices of homemade bread $1.50  (loaf $7.50)Banana, pumpkin, blue berry,  cinnamon, Corn,                                  

English Muffin or Raisin Toast  $1.70

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Hours: Monday - Friday 6am - 4pm. Sunday 6:30am - 1pm. Free parking on site.

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